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  1. What is the admission age to our childcare centre?
    2 months - 17 months (Infant Care), 18 months – 6 years old (Child Care)

  2. Are the monthly fees structure the same across all branch? 
    No, please call the respective centres for more information.


  3. What payments do the parents’ need to take note of? 
    Registration fee, one-time deposit, annual insurance, uniforms, mattress cover (optional), field trips, e-learning resources (if applicable).


  4. What documents do the parents have to bring down prior to enrolment
    Child’s Birth Certificate, Parents’ I/C, Health Booklet with immunization records.

  5. Do we have a variety of food introduced to the children? 
    Yes, our menu includes a wide range of staples of rice, porridge, noodles, macaroni in different cooking styles accompanied with sufficient nutritional ingredients. All our centres have been certified with Health Promotion Board's Healthy Pre-School Award.


  6. What is the teacher to student ratio in the classes? 
    We follow the regulations of the ministry and it varies from centre to centre and class levels. There will be 2 main teachers handling the class with additional help from assistant teachers if necessary.



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