At Learning Kidz, we are committed to nurture our children and prepare them for the challenges of formal education. Our integrated bilingual thematic curriculum is based on a systematic and structural approach to provide a good foundation towards learning and to create a holistic learning experience for the children. We aim to create a dynamic learning experience for every child to become an active and creative learner with a positive learning attitude.


Language & Literacy


By using a integrated thematic approach, children are exposed to both the English and Chinese Languages to acquire basic literacy skills with age-appropriate activities.




Incorporating the latest Mathematics syllabus, our early numeracy programme enables the children to acquire early numeracy concepts & skills through hands-on activities.


Exploration & Discovery


Children are exposed to basic science concepts through both indoor and outdoor activities to arouse their curiosity and enhance their sensory & exploration skills.



Self & Social Awareness


Through developmentally appropriate movement education activities, children learn to express themselves socially and emotionally. These activities are designed to help children develop social awareness, while achieving satisfaction through peer relationship & co-operative group play.


Aesthetics & Creative Expression


Children are encouraged to express their creativity through imagination, hands-on cookery, arts & craft, music & movement, as well as speech and drama experiences.



Moral Education


Moral education is integrated into the core curriculum to impart positive values, good habits, good manners, character building as well as safety concepts to our growing ones.






Children get a chance to be little chefs whipping out pizzas, muffins, cookies, biscuits and many more in our monthly cookery lessons with demonstrations.



Environmental Awareness (Field Trips)



Regular field trips are organized to enrich & widen children's knowledge and their understanding of the physical and geographical world around them.





We believe that every child is capable of shining given equal opportunities. Hence, we aim to provide a caring and desirable learning environment for children to develop a holistic learning experience.



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