At Learning Kidz, we are committed to nurture our children and prepare them for the challenges of formal education. Our integrated bilingual thematic curriculum is based on a systematic and structural approach to provide a good foundation towards learning and to create a holistic learning experience for the children. We aim to create a dynamic learning experience for every child to become an active and creative learner with a positive learning attitude.



Literacy Programme


Our step-by-step reading programme helps children to cultivate early reading habits as well as foster a love for books. Parents may also engage in their child’s e-learning journey from home. Flash cards and key words are used to complement our literacy programme.



Phonics Programme



Children learn how to read by mastering the phonetic sounds of the alphabets and to blend them to form words through stories and structured activities to build a strong foundation.



Speech & Drama


The child’s confidence is built up and imagination and creativity  through speech-drill & role-play activities.





Computer Appreciation



Specially selected computer softwares are used to reinforce language skills and mathematical concepts through stories, rhymes, songs and games activities.



Interactive e-Learning



Using a combination of tablets, touch screen computers, and interactive devices, children are engaged in interactive e-learning to enhance their learning experiences.



Music & Movement



Children will be exposed to music through songs, dance and hand-held musical instruments at our centres.




Children Fitness Programme




This programme aims to improve the motor skills, eye-hand co-ordination, agility and overall physical development of the child. They also gain self confidence and learn about sportsmanship and good social skills.



Art Enrichment Programme





Children will learn the basic techniques of drawing, colouring and creation of pictures using different mediums.


We believe that every child is capable of shining given equal opportunities. Hence, we aim to provide a caring and desirable learning environment for children to develop a holistic learning experience.



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