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Infants and toddlers experience human senses and integrate information in a very different way from adults. We have created a S.M.A.R.T framework that has been carefully crafted for the holistic development of our infants and toddlers. Experiential learning offers a fun and more effective alternative to the traditional classroom setting and teaching style.


Our S.M.A.R.T framework is designed to allow our infants and toddlers to learn most comfortably and effectively through exploration of their different senses in a responsive, secure and conducive environment.


Sensory Play


Our infants and toddlers get to explore the world and actively use their senses through 'sensory play'. We provide a series of activities to encourage sensory stimulation and help the baby strengthen their sensory related synapses and functions. This is crucial especially for their early brain development.




Infants and toddlers use music as a form of meaningful communication during their early years. Music activities help engage their aural and physical well-being. Such activities include tickling, wiggling, bouncing, and finger playing. At Learning Kidz, our teachers sing interactive songs and nursery rhymes in both English and Chinese to help the child develop their language skills. Musical instruments are introduced to expose them to sound creation and learn more about rhythm. This helps with their brain development, cognitive development and self-esteem in their early childhood.


Muscle Strengthening


It is essential for a growing baby to get as much tummy time as possible, as this is where they begin to develop and strengthen their core and postural muscles. We provide infant massages to help the infant relax, sleep better and boost their muscle development. This also allows for more interaction between your infant and our educarer. We place a strong emphasis on creating a safe and conducive environment to facilitate and promote the development of movement skills such as rolling, crawling, etc. The environment we provide is constructed such that the babies will be able to instinctively reach up or to the sides to touch and play with the array of colourful hanging items, creating plenty of opportunities for them to exercise their muscles and stimulate their fine motor skills.


Art Exploration


From the minute they gain control of their limbs, babies work to put themselves out into the world to see how it all works. Our art activities are designed to stimulate their senses and create more connections and wirings in their brain to give them a better head start for successful learning in the future. We craft opportunities to enhance, develop and nurture their innate creativity and help them learn and practice skills like patterning as well as cause and effect.


Responsive Care


In Learning Kidz, we have a group of dedicated and responsible educarers. We believe that responsive and respectful relationships are key to the development of our infants and toddlers. Responsive caregiving recognizes that every child has their unique needs and preferences, and that young children learn best through back-and-forth social interactions with trusted educarers. It gives them the comfort knowing that they are important, their needs will be met, and that their unique temperament and characteristics are respected. These are all very important for a child to grow in a safe, healthy and loving environment.




Our monthly infant spa pool sessions are designed specially for infants 8 months old and above. Infants will swim in the pool safely using a baby buoy neck. Babies who undergo hydrotherapy have leg muscles that are more trained, which enable them to learn how to walk faster. Experts believe that when children are kicking in the water, the water waves will stimulate them to train their balance and coordination skills.

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